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RFID Writer – Tutorial

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Already in my post “Hacking like Mr. Robot Part 3 – Cloning RFID Cards” I wrote about the Tastic RFID Thief by Bishop Fox. With this tool it is possible to read and write the RFID information, for example, from a key card. I also mentioned a cheaper alternative with a Raspberry Pi and an RFID RC522 Modul … But, it’s even easier and cheaper.

Handheld RFID Writer

With the Handheld RFID Writer it is possible to copy RFID cards/chips in a few seconds. The RFID Writer is available for a few euros, for example on Amazon.

  • The delivery includes even some blank slices.
  • The advantage of the RFID Writer is that, for example, an RFID key card can be copied in just a few seconds.
  • The downside is that the information can not be changed. This is of course possible with a Raspberry Pi and the RFID RC522 module or the Tastic RFID Thief. With the handheld RFID Writer, the RFID information is “only” copied 1: 1.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you step by step how to use the Handheld RFID Writer.


Required Equipment

Step 1 – Prepare RFID Writer

  1. If you’re using the RFID Writer for the first time, you’ll need to power it. Open the battery door on the back and insert two AAA batteries. Now the RFID Writer is ready for use.

Step 2 – Read out RFID information

  1. Take the RFID Writer in the right hand, turn it on and hold it like a pistol.

  1. Now place the RFID chip to be copied on the RFID Writer with your left hand.
    (in my example it is an RFID keyring for opening doors)
  2. Now press the “Read” button. When the RFID information has been read out successfully, the green LED lights up and the information is stored in the buffer of the RFID Writer.

Step 3 – Write RFID information

  1. Hold the RFID Writer in your right hand and put an unwritten RFID chip on the Writer.
    (in my example it is a blank key card)
  2. Now press the “Write” button and the RFID information is written to the blank RFID Chip. A successful write will be detected when the green LED comes on again.