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Long Range Wi-Fi Tutorial

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In this Long Range Wi-Fi tutorial, I will show you how to significantly improve the reception of a USB Wi-Fi adapter. A long-range Wi-Fi setup is part of the basic Wi-Fi hacking system, allowing you to attack from a distance. Prerequisite for the amplification of the reception is a Wi-Fi adapter with SMA / RP-SMA antenna connection.

Alfa AWUS036NHA USB-Adapter

In this tutorial I use the Alfa AWUS036NHA USB adapter. Other USB Wi-Fi adapters specifically for Wi-Fi hacking I´m introducing in this tutorial – Wi-Fi adapter for Kali Linux


Long Range Wi-Fi Tutorial

Without additional reinforcement I´m already receiving 9 Wlan networks. When I only use the built-in laptop Wi-Fi card I´m receiving only 4 networks. This means that investing in a Long Range Adapter has already paid off.

Possibilities for signal amplification

In principle, there are two different ways to increase the reception. On the one hand by a Wi-Fi booster and on the other by the use of stronger antennas. However, the laws of the country in which the Wi-Fi adapter is operated must be observed. In Germany, for example, a signal amplifier is not generally prohibited. But this may only be used to amplify the signal to compensate for signal loss, for example, by long cable runs.

In Germany, the following limit values apply

  • In the frequency range 2.400 GHz to 2.4835 GHz, the maximum radiated power shall not exceed 100 milliwatts
  • In the frequency range 5.150 GHz to 5.350 GHz, the upper limit is 200 milliwatts
  • For the frequency range 5,470 to 5,725 gigahertz a maximum of 1 watt is allowed


Wi-Fi Booster

To amplify the signal, I first use a 2500 mw Wi-Fi amplifier from Sunhans. This costs about 40 euros on Amazon. The amplifier is simply screwed directly between the Wi-Fi adapter and the supplied 6 dBi antenna with the SMA / RP-SMA connectors. Then the amplifier is connected to the power supply and supplied with power. Thanks to the reinforcement, I already receive 14 networks.

Sunhans 2500 mw Wi-Fi Booster

9 dBi Omnidirectional antenna

I install another antenna to further improve the Long Range Wi-Fi setup. I swap the 6 dBi Sunhans antenna for a 9 dBi Alfa antenna. Now I could increase the range a bit and receive 16 networks.

9 dBi Alfa Antenna

25 dBi Yagi directional antenna

The omnidirectional antennas used so far receive the Wi-Fi signals from all directions. But what if we use a directional antenna? To really achieve a Long Range Wi-Fi setup I use a 25 dBi Yagi antenna. With the first orientation from the window, I reach a proud 25 networks. Of course, the number of accessible networks can increase significantly depending on the orientation of the antenna.

25 dBi Yagi Antenna


Compared to the original Long Range USB adapter, this advanced setup is unbeatable, but not legally usable in Germany. In case of disregard of the laws threaten in Germany according to Telecommunications Act (TKG) bus fines of up to 500,000 euros.

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Another option

If the range is still not enough for you, you have another option with a 24dBi grid parabolic antenna.

24dBi grid parabolic antenna