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Hacking like Mr. Robot Part 7 – Yagi Antenna

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In one episode, Darlene comes into a room and you see how she sets up a strange device with a tripod on the windowsill. This device is a Wi-Fi Yagi antenna, sometimes referred to as “Cantenna”.

A Yagi antenna is a directional antenna and it can greatly expand the wireless range. Yagi antennas are available in different designs and for different frequencies. Darlene credibly uses the Yagi antenna to gain wireless access to the femtocell in the Evil Corp building.

25 dBi 2,4 Ghz Yagi Antenne

In another episode, Elliot builds a similar antenna from a pringles box and a USB Wi-Fi adapter. This cheap and self made Pringles antenna actually works and is very popular with DEF CON hackers. Of the design, although it is not a Yagi antenna, but manages to build a directional antenna from an omnidirectional antenna.

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