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Hacking like Mr. Robot Part 3 – Cloning RFID Cards

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To gain access to Sentinel, Darlene applies a well-known hardware hack and exploits her relationship with an FBI agent – Cloning RFID Cards

Darlene invites FBI Agent Dom to the bar, where they first talked in person. Dom comes with all her usual FBI utensils, such as her badge, her gun, and the RFID card that she uses to digitally authenticate herself as an FBI agent.

Darlene has been aiming for exactly this RFID card because she has hidden a Tastic RFID Thief in her backpack.

The Tastic RFID Thief is a hardware device that reads and steals digital information from nearby RFID cards. The Tastic RFID Thief by Bishop Fox is a real device that anyone can make. The website of Bishop Fox provides all plans and software free of charge. With this device, security researchers can demonstrate how attackers can steal the information from RFID cards up to a meter away.

The hardware needed to build a Tastic RFID Thief from Bishop Fox is quite expensive. But it is also cheaper, for example with a Raspberry Pi and an RFID RC522 module. This cheap alternative is not quite as powerful as the RFID cards have to be placed. But especially for beginners a good alternative.

RFID RC522 Modul

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