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All videos and tutorials on and on the YouTube channel are for informational and educational purposes only.
I believe that ethical hacking, information security, and IT security should be familiar topics for anyone using digital information and computers. I believe that it is impossible to protect yourself from hackers without knowing how hacking works.

The tutorials and videos provided on are intended for those who are interested in ethical hacking, IT security, penetration testing, and malware analysis.
I am against the misuse of the information and I advise against it, as this would mean criminal consequences. Please consider hacking as ethical hacking or penetration testing when used on this website.

All tutorials and videos were created with their own routers, servers, websites and other resources, they do not contain any illegal activities.
I do not sponsor, encourage or support illegal activities or hackers without written permission in general. I want to raise awareness of security and educate readers on how they can prevent becoming victims of hackers.

If you intend to use the information for illegal purposes, leave this website immediately. I can not be held responsible for any misuse of the information provided.