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AirDrive Keylogger – Hardware USB Keylogger with Wi-Fi

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The AirDrive Keylogger is one of the smallest keyloggers on the market. He has a Wi-Fi function and builds his own network. For about 50 euros the hardware USB keylogger with Wi-Fi is available on Amazon.



  • Smallest keylogger on the market with a length of only 0.8 “(21mm)
  • Works as a WiFi hotspot, connectivity from any computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Accessing the keystroke data via the web browser does not require any additional software or application
  • Remote access to the data without touching the device
  • Supports over 40 national keyboard layouts

AirDrive Keylogger

Hardware USB Keylogger with Wi-Fi – Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show step by step how to install and use the Wi-Fi Keylogger.

AirDrive – Hardware Buy USB Keylogger with Wi-Fi – Link to Amazon

Step 1 – Connect keylogger

  • Connect the keylogger between the keyboard and the computer. The keylogger will now automatically build a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2 – Connect to the keylogger

  • Connect to a computer, smartphone or tablet with the AirDrive Wi-Fi network. The network is named AIR_XXYYZZ.
    (XXYYZZ is always a different device ID)

Step 3 – Set up Keylogger

  • The Keylogger must be set up bevor the first start.
  • Open a browser and enter the IP address
  • Now go to the “Settings” section.
  • Now you can give the Wi-Fi network a different name and set up encryption like WPA2 and a password.
  • In addition, you can check “Access Point Hidden” so your AirDrive network is not visible to others.

  • So that the entire keyboard is logged including all special characters, “All special keys” should be selected.
  • Now you can change the layout of the keyboard to the appropriate language.
  • By clicking on “Safe data logging settings” the keylogger is ready to start.

Step 4 – Record data

  • From now on, the keylogger records all keystrokes. All entries can be viewed in the “Data Log” area. Unfortunately it is not possible to track the entered data in real time. To view new keystrokes, the Data Log page must be refreshed. The hardware USB keylogger with Wi-Fi also records the data in the internal memory and additionally provides the data for download.

AirDrive – Hardware USB Keylogger with Wi-Fi – Link to Amazon


The AirDrive Keylogger records all keystrokes. When analyzing the recorded data, not only the behavior of a victim can be modeled. All user names and passwords entered via the keyboard can also be evaluated.
It does not matter if it concerns the user name and the password of the operating system, e-mail and password or also the access data of social media, like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook etc.

If you do not have a hardware keylogger or do not have physical access to the victim’s computer, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a phishing page on the example of Facebook – Create a Facebook phishing page.